Oliver Twist Term Paper

Twist Term Paper:

Oliver Twist; or, The Parish Boy’s Progress is the second novel written by the famous English writer Charles Dickens, where the author depicts the unpleasant and even disgusting reality of the workhouses and the world of the juvenile crime. The writer presents a long story about the main character Oliver Twist, an orphan who was unlucky to have lost his family and was involved into the cruel world of pickpockets and hard work. The boy had extremely difficult life and Dickens makes the reader understand that millions of such boys suffered in the world in the similar inhumane conditions.

Oliver lost his mother at the moment of his birth and was taken to the special orphanage of rather a baby farm which did not provide children with love and care but prepared them for the difficulties of the hungry life and its cruelty. After the baby farm Oliver experienced numerous professions (chimney sweeping, the helper of the coffin maker, etc).

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The fate took Oliver Twist to London where he found “friends” in the gang of pickpockets who wanted to make a criminal of him but the boy failed and nearly lost his life. Oliver suffered a lot but was lucky to find the loving family which protected him from the evils of the real life. The novel about Twist is very popular even today. The book was published many times and has been translated into many languages of the world. In addition, there are many screen versions of the novel which try to reflect the difficulties and fears the boy faced in the novel.

Oliver Twist is a very popular and famous novel written by one of the most talented English writers Charles Dickens. The novel is interesting for both children and grownups due to its plot, humour, problems and beauty of the text. The student who has decided to write about Oliver Twist is supposed to read the novel attentively and make notes scrupulously in order to have the brief and detailed descriptions of the characters, places and events. The student is supposed to define the theme of the novel, the problems presented in the text, the stylistic devices and the role of the book for the English and world literature.

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