Orems Model and Diet in Obese Patients with DMtype 2 – Term Paper

Orem’s Theory

Orem;s model is one of the theories that have been used to make more accommodative the operations in the nursing career. The design offers a concept which interrelates in various ways to help come up with a modified version, with which we can look at a particular phenomenon (Polit, ; Beck, 2008). The theory, in addition to its simplicity, can be applied to different patients as it gives room for generalization. It is possible for nurses to employ the model in guidance and improvement of health care practices but for optimum results, it is advisable that the nurse inculcates other validated theories. This paper aims at using the Orem;s theory to explain the effect of the weight loss on reducing the Hba1c in patients with DM type 2.;

Orem;s model gives a conceptual framework on an effective home-based health care. It involves a series of practice activities that any adult with a weak health, DM Type 2, for our case, has to voluntarily initiate. These activities are aimed at maintaining good health and the general welfare of the individual. The concept assumes that professionals alone cannot know what is best for a patient (Dalton, 2012).;;

In order to maintain the low glucose level in the patient;s body, self-monitoring should be encouraged. Alongside this monitoring, there should be integration of the prescribe diet, as well as physical exercise and medication. All the while, Nursing System should be in place, with an effective Nursing Agency (Orem, 1986).

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Orem;s nursing model has an overall idea which is self-care for better health. It has been proven to be effective in the healing of patients that have diabetes type II (Dalton, 2012). The better health sets in when the HbA1c components reduce weight or rather undergo weight loss. Using the model, the HbA1c can be subdued to the reduction in weight hence causing healing to the patient.;



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