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An importance of history in the society

This paper seeks to analyze the relevance of the Odyssey in my life today considering that it is a very old story. It is evident that even the oldest story was written to serve purposefully the people of that time, still, has some relevance today in the society (Dougherty 7). Since ancient times, people have been telling stories, myths and have written literature that is focused on helping the community grow and rid itself of negative issues among other things. Authors and storytellers among others who have passed down different forms of literature have been focused on various themes, and to this effect, most of them address the issues that society is facing at that particular time. Therefore, it becomes easy that when time has flown by, and the piece of literature directed to the people of old tends to be difficult to inculcate in today’s society. The reason for this pertains that many authors pen down things that affect the said people of a particular time and as years go by, society grows, develops, and therefore, is affected by different things as compared to the previous times. To this effect, drawing up the relevancy of a particular literature from the past to the present is difficult. Nevertheless, it is important to note that although an author penned themes of a different time, these issues although slightly different, in all actuality might be similar for a full comparison. This paper focuses on the relevance of the odyssey in my life today.

The Odyssey is always read as a moral tale. It follows that of all the companions that he had, only Odyssey ably survived because he had grown to understand that he should always pay attention to everything that the gods said to him. Besides, the Odyssey is also an excellent story full of adventure. The evidence of this pertains the way that Homer can build up the suspense up to the point that Odyssey can triumph over all his enemies. Nevertheless, one learns many things while reading the Odyssey story at a closer read. For instance, one ably learns the meaning of civilization to the Greeks. Besides, one determines not only their rules of etiquette but also their codes of ethics. For instance, it follows that these lead him to expect that the people will greet him with both hospitality and gifts when he arrives in that new place since he is a hero, after all. Moreover, it is he who engineered the conquest of the Greeks to the city of Troy. Therefore, he is horrified and surprised when rather than honor him; the people decide to attack him, and rather than offer him a sacrifice or a meal, these people turn out to practice cannibalism. To this effect, he learns to observe better and understand the many different customs of the people Odysseus encounters while traveling the long and troublesome journey that he does back home (Higgins). 

An ancient greeks society in the Odyssey

Besides, the author tells us that one of his main themes at the very beginning pertains learning concerning others and understanding them (Dougherty 15). While reading the Odyssey, I have heard various things through following the development of the plot. First, I have listened that Odysseus had to go back home and use his found knowledge to help his people through firstly disguising himself and only revealing himself to those, he considers his real friends. Through understanding this particular nature, one knows the perception that Odysseus had concerning how he might look to others. It follows that the applicability of this is still fresh even to date. The reason behind this pertains that even today; I have learned to always my assumptions concerning the thoughts and attitudes of people. Besides, the question similar to Odysseus I have always found it difficult to look beyond and outside myself. Therefore, looking at Odysseus from the perception of the people, he intrudes or encounters and destroys or interrupts I learn to understand society. To this effect, in addition to the desire that he has to revenge, to the point that even the gods intervene to stop it directly, I understand that cruelty breeds nothing but more troubles. ”Stop your cruel fighting and separate, now, without further bloodshed.” (Dougherty 26)

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It follows that Greeks of old needed to gain understanding concerning the world around them for them to survive successfully (Nünlist 17). To this effect, they cataloged rivers, drew maps beyond where they lived. Moreover, they sought to understand other people’s culture and customs and ably adapted of some of these cultures. Therefore, through all these, I have learned the importance of learning other people before dismissing them and their given cultures. I have also ably taught on the significance of adapting to the different environments that I come about in life. The reason behind this pertains that I will skillfully learn and therefore, understand other people and this will help in forging healthy relationships. Besides, this helps in increasing one’s personal flexibility. In sum, it is essential to understand people and be open to learning new things from them since this helps in building trust and the right social networks in life.

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