Vice President of Operations – Term Paper

Vice president of operations job description

The vice president of operations (VP) refers to the principal responsible for the strategy management of an organization or company. The VP acts as the link between the executive management and other managers (Simchi-Levi, 2010). The basic roles of the VP are associated with setting strategies, implementing strategies and also maintaining accountability.  

In regards to setting strategy, the VP of operations acts as the sole advisor of the president when it comes to making strategic decisions. He or she has the responsibility of identifying areas that require improvement for the company to exhibit growth. Furthermore, the VP is expected to frequently engage with the president regarding new strategies required in the improvement of operations in addition to ensuring that other managers are informed on any change that is or might take place in the company (Harrington, 2012). 

VP of operations

In regards to implementing strategy, the vice president acts as the link between the executive management and managers in various departments. The VP ensures that the visions and goals set by the executive are communicated clearly to the other managers such that operations are implemented as expected (Harrington, 2012). In regards to maintaining accountability, the VP makes it the responsibility of the departmental managers to implement the strategic plan as laid out by the executive management. The VP ensures that the goals and objectives of each department are clearly communicated in addition to assessing the performance of each department after every activity to ensure that the results align with the strategic goals (Harrington, 2012). The average salary of the vice president of operations is $178, 083. However, it is worth noting that the pay varies depending on the operations (Pay Scale, 2016). 

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In brief, the basic roles of the VP of operations entail coming up with methodologies that lead to the success of a company, assesses the operations of other managers to ensure that every operation aligns with the strategic plan, makes analysis of the final results of a project and also reports results to the president of a company


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