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Today I am a purposeful person with well-defined interests and an adequate potential to shape my life. For most people, a journey of several miles begins with a single step. This statement can be so untrue if one does not even realize the strength they have in their own steps. Such was the case in my early teenage years when I still hid in the shadows of my tender age. Basically, I was sitting on and suffocating my potential until I was forced to stand up and accomplish something great by my grandfather.

It all began in the summer of 2013, the month of July, to be precise, when I visited him in Ferozepur. Being the accomplished man he is, my grandfather even at his old age was still actively participating in charity activities within Ferozepur and the entire Punjab (“Certificate of appreciation”, 2013). He took a lot of pleasure in the distribution of school shoes and uniforms. Irritated by the idea of me laying down all day and idling within the vicinity, he occasionally invited me to accompany him to some of the orphanages around to assist with his charitable acts.

Personal statement example

I assisted in engaging the children in sports and other game activities for most of that year’s vacation with no much importance attached. These were unlucky souls with nothing but dire lack of necessities and could not as for more. Most of them had been detached from their violence- torn and broken families at very young ages and knew no home, except this orphanage. They lived their entire young age looking upon the acts of charitable people for clothes, food and education. Parental love came in measurable quantities and they were fine because that is all they had known. In all these they had no choice and right for quality or quantity like I had my entire childhood. They only found joy in sharing the much that could be brought to them by people like my grandfather with contentment being a mainstay character in them. My grandfather persistently lured me back to the orphanages the following summer vacation. This time something strikingly inspiring happened. Held back by none of their circumstances, two kids developed an unwavering interest in the sports activities I took them through. They had dreams to be like the world’s greats. It is upon such dreams that they built their hope and cultured desires for more. Through my association with them, a sense of self-worth hit me and gradually it dawned on me that I had more to offer than I could have ever imagined in the past few years.

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They say  one good turn deserves another and how true, in the next few weeks I engaged them in more  academic activities in Math and Computer disciplines and the progress was absolutely amazing. Within the next two summers, I had become a favorite at Arya Orphanage, an accomplished adult and walking solution thanks to inspiration by little kids who dared to pursue their dream. After this experience, I dared to do more at home and back in school and was no longer my parents’ responsibility but a solution for others. Such acts put me in the corridors of adulthood where I could meet and handle various activities with people of all ages. To all of them I was a dependable and purposed person, who they could count on in handling serious issues and businesses. I made every activity I undertook stand out. Every possession I had was put on purpose and every day I have ever spent since then counts a lot in my life and that of others.


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