Ph.D. Admission Request – Term Paper

I came to the USA as a refugee. From the moment I set foot on this great country, I was overjoyed by the opportunities that lay ahead of me. The USA is my country now, and I am eager to contribute to its development through my vast knowledge and skills in engineering. Civil engineering is both my passion and career. As the country grows, the need for better trained civil engineers has also expanded tremendously. I aspire to advance my skills and deepen my knowledge as I am set to become a proficient civil engineer by completing a Ph.D. course in your institution. 

Accompanying my request for admission in your institution is the request for a job so that I can earn an income to support my family and myself. I was able to complete my master’s education through financial aids and student loans. However, I am not willing to take the same road again because I already have a significant amount of debt that I have to pay. Starting from the next year 2018, I am expected to start repaying the student loans with interest, and having a job while doing my Ph.D. will give me the opportunity to start repaying the loans in advance.

 I relish to start paying the loans because it is the right thing to do. Financial constraints have been holding me back from climbing to the pinnacle of education, and I strongly feel that you are in a position to grant me the opportunities. It has been my lifelong dream to graduate with a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and I hope I will find this dream through your institution.

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My Master’s program in Michigan was much more like a lonely quest, simply because I could not have my wife and two young daughters, four and five years old, with me. I cannot afford to live away from them because it would strain our relations. My children need their father around more than ever during this stage of their growth and development. The financial aid and student loans were a welcome relief, but they were not sufficient enough during my Master’s degree, and they are not sufficient now. America is the land of opportunities, and I want to pursue both education and career. Having both will enable me to take care of my family, but even more important, have them with me. 

Moreover, a job will allow me to start repaying my financial loans that I utilized for my Master’s education that turned up to be an upward struggle. I felt the pressure of learning with a limited budget firsthand. It is due to that experience that instead of accumulating more debts, I want to start repaying the finances that I owe to the federal assistance programs among other stakeholders. Furthermore, being away from my young family has been one of the toughest undertakings in my life, and I cannot afford to leave them again so soon. I hope that you can see my struggles to this point and you will help me in this capacity. My daughters look up to me, and I cannot let them down. I want to make a better future for them so that they will not have to struggle the way I have to.