BS Engineering Oil and Gas – Term Paper

My first fascination on oil and gas is my quest for knowledge why the oil prices continuously fluctuate. Like the typical consumer, I have become very concerned and involved about energy conservation recognizing that increases in oil prices consequently lower my disposable income and spending on other necessities. As I grow up, I become aware that the high price of fuel is not only linked to the level of the commodity’s supply and demand but is largely attributed on company’s cost of production. This insight has stirred my interest on the processing of oil and gas and fueled my determination to contribute to the creation of a more efficient system of fuel production. I believe that being an engineer will enable me to contribute my skills and competencies to the society by being in the forefront of lowering oil production costs and conceiving new technology which can further enhance production efficiency and promote environmental sustainability.
I know that engineering requires more than just the strong passion to excel in the career. It is with this cause that I have strived to gear myself with the necessary knowledge and skill which are fundamental to this course. I can say that I am born with the innate inclination to numbers. Being concerned on self growth and development, I have nurtured and improved this skill by enjoying and excelling in my mathematics courses. I am highly analytical and is always fascinated with mathematical analysis which involves complicated computations. With the advancement of technology, I have enhanced my quantitative competency by being adept in using software which facilitates more convenient and accurate data processing like Microsoft Excel.
Through the years, the situations and challenges that I face has provided me with the venue to pursue individual growth. I am an optimist who always prefers to concentrate on the bright side at the darkest points of life. This attitude has become the tenet of my positive outlook in life and rapport with my family and colleagues. My employment history reveals my flexibility in handling different positions. These experiences instilled in me a strong sense of responsibility, ability to harmoniously deal with a diverse workforce, and the value of efficient time management. My previous jobs have always involved direct interaction with various types of consumers. These exposures shaped me to become more flexible and enhanced my capability of handling stress and pressure.
Right now, my primary concern is to seek admission to an educational institution which can provide me with the opportunity to further my strengths and competencies. In order to reach my full potential, I know that I still have a lot to learn. I choose to pursue my passion to become an engineer and aspiration to help other people through my career path. I believe that this will be more complicated and tougher than I want to expect, but my willingness to learn, positive outlook, strong passion, past experiences, and determination to excel will undermine any challenge that will come along the way.