Term Paper on Engineering

Term Paper:

Engineering is the kind of the human intellectual activity, the discipline and profession which has the aim to apply all the achievements of science, technology and the management of the natural resources for the solution of the definite problems and tasks of the humanity. In simple words, engineering is the complex of practical works where the human technologies and natural resources are combined for the creation of the machines and appliances which can improve the life of people and broaden our horizons in science. Engineering is based on the knowledge and practical work.

Evidently, without good knowledge it is impossible to construct a rocket, a car or the simplest electric appliance. The people who are involved in the process of engineering are called engineers and they work hard to solve the set problems and construct useful machines and appliances which make our life easier.

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Every product planned by a group of engineers has to survive the long way from the point of decision making and its creation. Constructing a product engineers think about such points, as its usefulness and importance; then they research the qualities, functions and options of the product, project and construct it. Nevertheless, it is not all. Engineers also think about the liquidation of the product when it is out of order and can not serve any longer. So, they try to construct the machines from such materials which can be recycled and used further. There are many branches of engineering and the discipline is connected with a great number of other disciplines which form social engineering, electric engineering, mechanical and chemical engineering, etc.

Engineering and its branches is considered to be the best discipline which uses human knowledge for the construction of various appliances which can be used in different spheres and environments, underwater and space. A good engineering term paper is supposed to explain the purpose of the discipline and the importance of the activities of engineers for the development of the human civilization. A student should focus on the greatest achievements of engineering and prove that its potential is extremely high and human knowledge and creativity is not limited. One should present the advantages and possible disadvantages of engineering and the purposes it faces currently.

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