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From a personal perspective, ideas that we have conquered refer to the thoughts that an individual had but overcame them such that he or she did not spend time pondering on them adequately and putting them into practice. The ideas can be termed as the paths not followed just because there were more practical or better options. Also, an individual may be faced with circumstances that limit him or her from focusing on an idea but yet be disturbed at times by it.

It is possible to conquer an idea by replacing it with another or rather ideas that seem to make more sense or practical or easy to achieve. One approach is by weighing the strengths of the idea and its contribution to an individual’s life. From a personal perspective, ideas that are not appealing are mostly set aside despite of them showing up in one’s mind once in a while. The other approach to conquering an idea is the aspect of priority. The idea can be conquered by other ideas that appear to be of value. The basic assumption is that ideas tend to be focused on based on priority such that those that seem impractical are what that disturb us when we are at rest.

Factors such as inadequate time, the absence of mobility because of a handicap and sickness are some of the uncontrolled factors that make people conquer ideas. In a more practical perspective, an individual might have had an idea of traveling to Paris, but because of some ailment, the idea is set aside. He or she may think of the idea when at rest but because of the limitation, it has to be set aside. The time comes into perspective when one has preoccupied such that the mind is busy on other things instead of paying attention to an idea or ideas.

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Example of a philosophical essay

In regards to the view that we have to our ideas, possibly, one thinks of the idea not pursued and what would have happened if the idea had been pursued and hence the reason for the ideas coming back. Also, it may be our subconscious projecting the ideas into our thoughts such that we tend to think about them even though they are the last things in our minds. Nonetheless, from a personal perspective, the what if questions are what prompt the thoughts on the conquered ideas.

From a personal experience, I once thought of joining a book club. The idea was always part of me New Year resolutions but found myself not having the time to pursue it because of school and work. I haven’t joined one yet, but whenever I am at rest, the idea always crops up. I find myself pondering on it and if it should be worth reconsidering but the thought of other aspects going on in my life and how it would be difficult for me to put the idea into practice makes me set it aside. The same case applies to my professional life whereby I have always had ideas that I perceived to be of benefit to my job but because of lack of focus and weighing in other factors such as views from other people and my work status make me set them aside. However, at times what if questions on the ideas clog my mind on the possible outcomes if indeed the ideas were put into practice.