The value of philosophy Bertrand Russell analysis – Term Paper

Philosophical values on different perceptive cannot be undermined. In other words, philosophy can contribute to ways that are argued to make and transform life into a better one. In the contemporary world, in the job market, the philosophers are often regarded considering the fact that they have the capability to solve problem, open-minded, problem solvers, ethical reasoning and think creatively. Furthermore, according to experts, philosophers are flexible thinkers and have better chances of adopting to the job market more.  The value of philosophy can be approached in two different ways; intrinsic and extrinsic value. Firstly, the intrinsic value involves something in itself. However, it usually results in something else. On the other hand, an extrinsic value is used to describe something ideally not performed for its purpose but rather something else due to the associated benefits. Money is an example of extrinsic value while happiness is intrinsic.

Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, who has tirelessly worked on the field of logic has been recognized as one of the major contributors in the philosophical matters. Russell tries to present an ideological argument to counter on those that believe philosophy has no importance. On his response to those that disvalue philosophy on the basis that it has no practical and true conclusion, Russell’s states that many people have no information regarding goals and aims of philosophical studies. Also, Russell believes that philosophy entails utilizing our beliefs and assumptions to discover new ideas, thinking, and knowledge. Even though there might be an existence of some scenes of uncertainty, it should be taken positively considering that it allows individuals to never give up on things that matter. Therefore, the main purpose of philosophy in people’s lives is to discover the superiority of different objects, and as a result, realize the freedom associated therein. Russell also adds that philosophy is not only concerned with materials that people face, which are believed to be sole reasons for valuable society but for coming up with perfect individuals mind , In addition, some of the important elements of contemplation of the not-self include; nature of God, nature of universe, and the outer world. Habit and self-interest should be eliminated to discourage any contemplation. Subsequently, one’s intellectual imagination is broadened. Thus, according to Russell philosophical approach, he is likening his freedom as a factor that should be used to contemplate individuals view on the matters relating to justice and ethical behavior. If an individual wants to practice justice while treating others, he or she should learn to put away the real personal interest so that things can be viewed without any form of unfairness. The values achieved in the process of learning philosophy also results to better persons, who are considerate and values the interests of the other people.