Physical Wellness Assignment – Term Paper

Question 1: Water Intake

Water is undoubtedly important substances in the body, and one needs to consume this resource in the right amounts. On average, my daily water intake is about 3 glasses. This rate of intake is lower than the recommended daily intake. According to the recommendations by the health professionals, the recommended daily water intake is 8 glasses a day. My consumption of this resource is therefore 5 glasses shy of the required daily consumption. There are a number of ways through which I can improve the rate at which I consume water on a daily basis. For instance, I can decide to form a timetable that guides my daily water intake. This way, I would find myself meeting the target by the end of the day. The other way through which I can achieve this objective is through the intensive consumption of foods that are rich in fluids. Such foods include milk, juices and other forms of drinks that are majorly made of water. 

Question 2: General Concern about Nutrition

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My biggest concern as far as the topic of healthy nutrition is concerned is the fact that nutritional experts tend to recommend daily consumption of certain foods. These measurements are always given in terms of the nutritional values that such foods contain. They are then translated into their quantitative equivalences for the purpose of better interpretation for the public. However, the big question is; is everyone conversant with these conversions? It is, therefore, inevitable that most people would end up taking too little of too much of certain nutrients due to the lack of knowledge that they have about such conversions. I, therefore, believe that a simpler universal method of converting such measurements should be established for the purpose of uniformity and accuracy. The other issue of concern is the idea of choosing between healthy and unhealthy eating. I have come across cases in which certain foods are regarded as junks or unhealthy to human health. At the same time, these foods are listed under the categories that are required for given minerals or nutritional values. While beef is regarded as one of the most important sources of protein, it is criticized for being a major cause of nutritional problems. The same applies to many other foods like the fast foods. It becomes very difficult to make a specific decision regarding the topic of healthy eating.