Positive impact of technology on communication – Term Paper

Frequent use of social networking and new technologies has helped personal interaction

Back in the days, I would often see my peers having splendid moments hanging out together. They would occasionally meet, play games together, including football and the board games. Despite the fact that my parents would consistently ask me to interact more with my peers, I would turn down the advice. Social interaction was not my thing. Being a loner, I would spend most of my time watching the television, playing with toys or reading fantasy books. I was shy but would never admit it openly. While attending school, my friends would mock me, mostly calling me a coward. The different labels I was tagged with furthered my lack of interest to join my peers in various conversations. To me, the advent of technology and social networking created a platform where I could put on a mask. The different apps and sites allow me to choose an impressive filter of my life, making interaction exciting and boring exceptional. I believe that frequent use of social networking and new technologies have boosted social interaction. Gone are the days when I didn’t have a happy face to face interactions. Being a lone wolf, social networking has provided me with a comfortable setting from which I can continually interact. Despite the fact that my parents would often ask me to indulge more in physical interaction rather than virtual interaction, I tend to coincide with the online environment as I thrive in it. On the other hand, lack of physical interaction has been identified to enhance anti-social behavior. Different research studies have been conducted to ascertain the correlation on how reduced face to face socialization causes the development of undesirable behavior. Despite the shortcomings associated with the online platform, social networking has intensified my personal interaction.