Prison Overcrowding – Term Paper

The correctional system of the country faces many challenges today, as it did not long ago. Over the years, one major problem that has been persistent in its occurrence is prison overcrowding. This paper seeks to analyze this importunate problem in the correctional system and provide statistics that will support prison overcrowding as a major challenge in the country. 

In many countries, for instance, Thailand, Asian countries, and countries in the Pacific region, prison overcrowding is a common issue. The inmates placed in many correctional facilities in the country tend to rise sharply above the total capacity that the said prison system can ably accommodate. The large numbers of inmates in these correctional systems in the country has resulted in many disadvantages that affect not only the prisoners therein but also the country at large. Some of the negative things associated with prison overcrowding pertain stress and tension among the inmates because of the increased psychological adverse effects that influence them. Different researchers have supported this through depicting that many correctional systems whose capacity is over its designed limits faces increased illness rates, death rates, increased rates of reduced discipline and increased rates of suicide among others. Additionally, prison overcrowding makes many inmates wait too long to get the education in the correctional system as well as vocational training. 

In sum, there is a need for the government to meet this issue since it has been persistence in its reoccurrence over the years. Moreover, the government should also look into it because it results into many negatives rather than helping the inmates’ reform. Finally, the criminal justice system should ensure that it provides criteria that will assist in establishing who qualifies as an inmate of the correctional system to ensure a reduction in the number of prisoners therein.

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