Program – Term Paper

Description of the skills

Concerning my skills, am very ambitious and always focused. Besides, I try new things even if it means taking risks where others fear to invest their time and energy.  

Further, I have excellent freelancing skills gained after completing my college education, and this has improved my ability to communicate both in written and spoken communication. As such, these skills help me in content marketing and drafting visual graphics, which are catchy to my consumers. In response, online users can complete an action such as requesting for my products and services. Creativity and innovation have helped in generating ideas that are then turned into sketches for my preferred designs. Other includes sufficient knowledge on printing processes, color space and separation, master pages and grid layout. The skills highlighted are critical as a result of advanced technology that requires an upgrade of competencies. 

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New course

The new course would be called Design Entrepreneurship. The course will mostly seek to improve the designer’s knowledge of management and strategic planning. Many students now prefer to go into private business as opposed to being employed in a firm and therefore the need to instill these skills to aspiring entrepreneurship. The course will impart skills on how to start a business in graphic designs, ways of acquiring new clients, how to maintain creativity, application of social media and other online avenues. Others include financial management and basic record keeping skills. There is also a need to create an understanding of how to understand and deal with economic challenges and how to effectively sell to users without necessarily begging them to take the products.;

Combination of Analysis and Creativity;

In any profession and personal life, there is a situation, which warrants the combination of analysis of the problem and creativity. The location includes designing a new packaging for Sanitary Napkins a period of 2 Weeks. In the wake of technology, companies now are focusing on tailoring attractive designs in the form of color, shape, and even size for easy marketing. Therefore, the process of making such a model requires one to be creative and analytical. The process started with researching various packaging design online, analyzing the available information, which can help, come up with a marketable design.;

Besides, there was an analysis of the package that creates comfort and pleasure for women when in use. This involved analyzing of different napkins in the country and internationally and reviews posted by users and other stakeholders on the ways it can be improved. The effort was complimented by an interview of women and girls over what product can make them proud to be whom they are. After obtaining all the necessary information required for the analysis, it was used together with creativity to create satisfying sanitary nappies for women of all cadres. Also, creative messages were included to make the designs more appealing to final users.;

What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy in my life and career is random acts of kindness to others and me. Thus, I like carrying out the random acts of kindness to others because it makes my day and that of others. Some of the actions would include planning parties for my family members and others who require such appreciation as this make me comfortable. There is a time I liked a Facebook posts of a young girl ailing with cancer just to feel happy.;;


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