Psychiatry Program Admission – Term Paper

Personal Statement

Since my days at high school, the field of life science greatly attracted me. I was very much willing to learn about the general functioning of the human mind, body and thoughts process. For instance, I vividly hold into account a condition that my aunt faced, during my early childhood stage. She was rejected and dejected, and never got the help that she desperately deserved. I felt it, I had no help at my disposal. Hence, later, I developed an affiliation to study more on psychiatry, which I achieved. I needed this since I felt an urge and calling to help any other individual who faced any kind of stigma in society setup. This field, psychiatry, is quite fundamental since it gives me an opportunity to study, comprehend, and research more on the clinical management. Thus, I feel I need an opportunity to advance more, and add some skills on the already existing ones. In this regard, I am writing this statement to the program to grant me an opportunity to attend specialty fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry for the purpose of skill perfection.

Bearing the fact that I have only one year remaining in residency, I feel that it is important to embark not only in a career that is fulfilling, but also that values the importance of peoples welfare and well-being in general. Honestly, I greatly admire and like my new passion in Geriatric Psychiatry, and as I was exposed to this field prior to residency after looking at my seniors who have done this. I imagine that at their 70s they are actively engaged and involved in life fulfilling activities that are much rewarding not only to themselves, but to everyone around.

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In addition, during the adult stage for most people, many variables tend to change and differ widely. For instance, patients have many issues ranging from losing their spouses, friends, dealing with retirement and the ability to deal with much changing lifestyles. In addition, the patients face co-morbid illness that have major effects on their psychiatric health. Attending such specialty fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry will have a greater positive impact on how the needs of the patients are catered for.

Thus, I strongly believe I am that different kind of a person who compassionately loves her work. Geriatric psychiatry is that one career with the so desirable elements that I find stimulating and always busy. In addition, I tend to be attracted to this field bearing the fact that I like learning the diversity of illness not seen in the young adult population, but all, and furthermore help them positively.

I strongly believe that attending this fellowship will give me an opportunity to work with other medical professionals, discuss, and learn the current medical trends that have been proposed. Thus, I have enough confidence that the fellowship will carry a lot of weight in towards skill improvement for my career as a medical doctor. The purpose of the fellowship is to educate and train the psychiatrist about the current approaches that are vital in managing the mental health issues of the mature adult. In addition, the fellowship is also important since other professionals will share ideas that are significant in this field. Therefore, I have no doubt that I will get an opportunity to attend specialty fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry, which with no doubt will be of high benefits to the society as a whole.