CRNA Program in TCU – Term Paper

Admission Essay for a CRNA Program in TCU

I believe that Nursing is much more than merely a calling for me. Since I was a small boy, the passion for joining the nursing profession always cringed in my mind and desires. As a young boy, I loved caring and interacting with people in need. I liked visiting people in nursing homes and hospitals just to offer any help that I could. The care, attention, and love that I gave the sick and those in need of help was unconditional and came from the bottom of my heart. I remember that my relatives and friends used to call me Nurse, a name that I have maintained even today. This passion to offer care and help to others still burns in me. To date, I have more than six years of nursing profession experience, three of which I have spent in the neurosurgical ICU. I am a licensed RN with certifications in CCRN and TNCC. My professional experience, most of which I gained as a nurse in a level 1 trauma center, improved my desire of gaining more skills in the field. Particularly, the experience of participating in the ICU and interacting with the certified CRNAs increased my passion to become one. The specific experience gained while serving as a nurse include vasoactive drips, mechanical ventilation, cardiac assist devices, and invasive hemodynamic monitoring. I completed by Bachelors degree in Nursing after four years of active study and achieved an encouraging and a far above average GPA. I also have exceeded the required GRE score for the CRNA program in TCU.

I realized that developing myself by pursuing an Anesthesiology program in Texas Christian University (TCU) would be a perfect boost to my professional goal of becoming a CRNA. As a nurse in the level 1 trauma center, I had a number of experiences that boosted my passion to become a CRNA. I remember that one of the specific cases that boosted my strength and desire of becoming a CRNA, was one involving a young male suffering from massive polytrauma requiring ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation). Despite the complication of the situation, I was actively involved in his care and treatment. I interacted with the OR and the Perfusionist several times and occasions during the clients treatment and care. The experience as a nurse has, therefore, added a significant quantity of knowledge and experience adding to the one learnt during my four year undergraduate studies and previous years. Nonetheless, the lifetime passion of caring and helping others is still fresh and more fervent in my mind, which is why I have the enthusiasm of becoming a CRNA so that I can meet my longtime goal.

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I believe that getting an opportunity to pursue my professional goal in TCU would be of great benefit to me. TCU has been recommended by several CRNAs, particularly those I have interacted and worked with, especially on its professional staff and reputation. I feel and understand that TCU is the perfect place that can equip me with the required knowledge and expertise in perfecting my skills as well as improving my professionalism. Moreover, I believe that pursuing CRNA program in TCU would help me achieve the confidence and knowledge that I can use to perfect the long started journey of becoming a specialized, professional, and ethical nurse.

I would be privileged to get an opportunity to get an opportunity of pursuing an Anesthesiology program in Texas Christian University (TCU). Therefore, I look forward to your consideration in offering me the long awaited opportunity to enable meet my lifetime goal. Thank you for your consideration.