Values and Organizational Culture – Term Paper

Personal affiliations are essential for a successful career in the nursing profession. Professional  interactions help nurses to boost their chances of interacting with influential people capable of supporting them in their future career pursuits (Cottingham et al. 2011). For instance, when a nurse seeks  to delve into leadership roles such as Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), they may need to rely on the knowledge and experience of the outgoing CNL. This knowledge is crucial as it will enable them better prepare for the challenges that come with the responsibilities of leadership (Grindel & Hagerstrom, 2009). Networking is paramount for success too. When nurses share information through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, they can circulate knowledge amongst themselves. Sharing knowledge enables  nurses to improve their professional expertise. As a result, they become empowered to meet the future demands of the nursing profession (Grindel & Hagerstrom, 2009). 

There are numerous benefits nurses can draw from professional interactions and networking. For instance, nurses can secure dream jobs through networking. HR departments in health care facilities often rely on employee referrals in recruitment and selection (Vicknair et al. 2010). As such, nurses optimize their chances of securing employment through professional interactions and networking. Aside from this, professional interactions and networking also provide nurses with professional support in the event of burnout (Grindel & Hagerstrom, 2009). The nursing career often takes a physical and mental toll on nurses. As such, support groups go a long way in helping relieve stress. Reduced stress levels help nurses work optimally thus improving the efficiency of the health care facility. 


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