Organizational Cultures and Values – Term Paper

Many factors are known to cause organizational conflicts in hospitals (Grice & Greenan, 2008). Clearly, the case addressed in this assignment would not be an exemption. The first source of hospital conflict is exaggerated managerial expectation. After hospital re-organization, nurses will be required to meet new work targets. Over-demanding targets attract opposition from nurses (Murray, 2009). 

Nurses may conflict with the hospital especially after the changes due to communication breakdown (Aikens, 2009). This scenario will occur if managers fail to accept the input of employees towards hospital improvement in a continous basis. Similarly, the organization may face heightened conflicts after the changes if nurses feel that the hospital is no longer accounting for its shortfalls. Organizational changes are known to cause errors and in some cases, losses (Grice & Greenan, 2008). 

It is necessary that hospital managers accept the responsibility of these changes. Finally, the hospital may face challenges if there is miscommunication between it and nurses. For instance, if nurses do not learn of their new responsibilities (Murray, 2009). These challenges require that hospital managers remain on high alert to reduce the chances of complete collapse. To ensure that nurses do not dispute new management expectations, managers should ensure that they allow them to take part in the preparation of these targets (Murray, 2009). 

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Hospital’s communication breakdown would be addressed through the use of circulars (Aikens, 2009). Senior managers must learn to accept accountability if the newly changed department experience difficulties. By doing so, they would save the hospital from uncontrolled risk of failure. Finally, hospital miscommunication, is addressable through continuous hospital meetings which would be useful to ensuring that nurses learn of their new responsibilities. 


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