Writing Discussion – Term Paper

Mother Teresa stands out as a transformative figure in the Christian faith who not only led societies in the path of God but also helped world’s populations afflicted with hunger, calamities or diminishing spirituality. Some critiques argue that she did not publicly account for the massive financial support from philanthropists, had ulterior motives, forced people to embrace Christianity and also associated with perceived oppressors in the world then. Nonetheless, it beats logic that Mother Teresa positively impacted the lives of all and sundry that she came across in her public life. First, her works of charity across the world including aiding the Kolkata’s poorest of the poor epitomized the love and care that define every religion. Second, in the course of offering spiritual and physical support to the needy, Teresa humbled herself to interact freely with even dubious world administrators just as Jesus Christ did. Third, in helping the underprivileged, Mother Teresa achieved the aim of transforming the society to embrace each other through love and charity.;