Nursing Term Paper

Paper on Nursing:

Nursing is the branch of health care system which includes the activity aimed at the improvement of the health of population, prevention of diseases and provision of help for the patients who suffer from physical and psychological diseases and disabilities of all kinds. There are many different approaches which try to explain and define the boarders of the nurses’ activity and duties and the difference in approaches depends on the country, culture and the quality of system of health care.

On the other hand it is obvious that nursing is a universal phenomenon, because nurses have to be aware of all the peculiarities of health care and treatment and provision of the first aid to the patients. Professional education includes a course at college or a university which presupposes the Bachelor’s degree, so, logically, the quantity of nurses is the highest in the system of health care.

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The history of nursing is very long, because since the time immemorial doctors required a skilful and effective assistant, who could help them with conducting operations and taking care of patients. In fact, the profession of a nurse appeared not so long ago, in the 19th century. The origin and foundation of nursing is closely connected with the nurse Florence Nightingale who suggested the concept of the professional nursing and explained that the role of every nurse is to assist in the recovery of a patient and provide constant care and help on this way of treatment.

Nursing is an extremely varied profession, because nurses have to work in any circumstances, including military conflicts, all sorts of crisis, etc providing people of all ages and condition with care and help.

Nursing is an extremely important profession, because nurses do all the essential work concerning the care of patients and provision of the first aid and assistance in the conduction of operations of all kinds at a hospital. In order to complete a successful term paper on nursing a student is supposed to improve his knowledge reading various reliable sources trying to explain the meaning and the value of the profession and present the advantages and disadvantages of nursing nowadays. One should present the description of the activity and the duties of nurses and introduce the historical background of the problem.

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