Term Paper on Dementia

Term Paper:

Dementia is the obtained disorder of intellectual abilities, which is characterized with the reduction of the learning ability and partial loss of the knowledge gained during the period of life. In comparison with intellectual disability, the disorder which is obtained in childhood, dementia is the disintegration of the psychological functions, which occur with the brain injury, very often during the addictive behaviour in the young age, and more often in the elderly age.

That is why dementia is generally associated with the elderly people who lose their learning abilities and lose memory failing to recognize even the close people. According to the statistics and information of the international organizations, there are more than 35 million people with dementia on the planet.

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Dementia is characterized with a range of symptoms: the disorder of the long-term and short-term memory; the disorder of the abstract thinking; the disability to criticize and plan something, so that to make logical plans; the alteration of the personality (when the person starts to forget everything and fails to recognize her relatives, she becomes a different person with her own inner world); social exclusion (in the family and at the workplace); etc.

There are three levels of the complexity of the disorder. The first one is the low one and it is characterized with the partial damage to the intellectual abilities, but the person is still able to live a normal life, in spite of the certain social complications. The second level is the medium one and it is already dangerous to leave the person alone, because she requires monitoring. The hard level of dementia is the total misunderstanding of the content of the speech, disability to follow the rules of the personal hygiene, etc.

Dementia is a very serious intellectual disorder which ruins the personality and causes harm to her health and the life of her relatives. When the student has decided to research the problem of dementia deeply, he will need to read about the disorder a lot, learn about the cause and effect and get to know about the main symptoms, types and methods of treatment of the disease. Of course, it is impossible to defeat dementia yet but the student can suggest the ways which can prevent it or reduce its effect on the human organism.

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