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Nursing degree with using of information technology

I would like to enrol for a Master’s degree program in Nursing Informatics. I decided to obtain a nursing degree due to my passion for helping others and also because it has always been my dream to use information technology to improve the health care system.  After undergoing training in the undergraduate school, I now feel ready to advance my profession by pursuing a Master’s degree. I feel motivated to expand my knowledge in this field of health care because of the spiritual fulfillment I get after contributing to bettering the health care services especially in the field of Nursing.  Nursing according to my knowledge is a profession that requires constant training, and thus there is never enough knowledge that one can gather in this field. It is a demanding career that brings everyday challenges, but it also brings a sense of satisfaction along with other rewards. 

My passion developed in the teenage years when I was watching my sister’s nursing career flourish in so many ways. I have witnessed her efforts and hard work from being an assistant nurse to being an infection control nurse. I have memories of her as a student and her feeling of selflessness and commitment to changing the patients’ and their families lives. I have four years’ in MedSurg. I have worked in four different hospitals and have managed to handle patients’ care/records using three different Health Electronic System (HES). Some of these systems are user friendly and efficient which makes the staff job easier. The systems have also helped improve the patient care and reducing costs. For example, Nursing Informatics can improve documentation within the health care thus reducing the patients’ costs. With proper documentation, communication is enhanced which improves accuracy, timeliness and speed by care providers. 

Masters degree

Throughout the four years, I was able to realize some of my personal strengths, which are gaining the trust with patients and their families and building relationships with those under my care.  The experience also helped in improving my communication and interpersonal skills as well as my confidence. As I enjoyed working at the health centre, it dawned on me that nursing is where my heart lays and taking care of others comes naturally for me, because this is something that I love to do. For a student that is fully immersed in the informatics technology, I believe that your institution will offer me an ideal Master’s degree that will enrich my long term nursing career goals and interests. Your state of art institution with its good reputation for creative excellence in the nursing field is what I require moving to the next level. I look forward to advancing my skills in clinical decision- making, diagnostic reasoning, and physical assessment. It is my sincere hope to someday provide excellent and valuable leadership in the area of nursing informatics. I also look forward to practicing my profession in a broad array of settings that are challenging settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, home care, and schools. I intend to complete my Master’s degree in a Nursing informatics program that is approved. From my research into all the open programs, your university is one that is well-distinguished in this field.

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Finally, from the knowledge attained I intend to contribute to the improvement of the health care sector. I intend to show others that nursing as a career is not only a profession but also a calling. With this, a Master’s degree will be a tremendous springboard to the leadership positions in nursing related areas, including administration. These skills will add to my knowledge that will be used in spearheading change and maintaining the reputation of the nursing profession.