Term Paper on Graduate Unemployment

Unemployment Term Paper:

Graduate unemployment is the phenomenon which is characterized with the fact that well-educated top-certified graduates can not find a job which suits their qualification. The problem of graduate unemployment has become extremely relevant nowadays, because more and more graduates are not able to find a good job in spite of having knowledge and professional skills. Many employers refuse to hire a graduate employee who does not have working experience, because they do not want to spend money on his training and development. As a result, such people are disappointed and lose their respect to education and its value.

The problem of graduate unemployment is definitely the problem of the younger generation, though it is proved that more than a half of grown-ups does not work on their specialization and do not use the knowledge gained at a university. Although the problem of graduate unemployment is urgent and disturbing, very soon every graduate student finds a job if he tries.

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The most obvious cause of graduate unemployment is the lack of student’s and especially applicant’s knowledge about the perspectives of the career they have chosen. Evidently, there are professions which are not required anymore, because the number of the experts in that sphere is too high. The graduate students who master such professions as a lawyer, an economist, etc are at the risk of unemployment, because the number of the lawyers is enormous. Moreover, the existence of the problem of graduate unemployment influences the educational institutions negatively, because when one sees that the profession is not a perspective one, he will never try to enter the university which trains specialists in that sphere.

The topic of graduate unemployment can be called a serious problem which is surely worth attention. In order to complete a high-quality graduate unemployment term paper a student should collect up-to-date information which will be useful for the research. One should explain the problem from all sides and focus on the cause and effect of graduate unemployment and learn about the methods which can be helpful to defeat the problem. A student is supposed to conduct deep analysis on the topic to succeed in the process of writing.

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