This topic relates to consumer ehavior because it explores the underlying reasons for both healthy and unhealthy buying decisions. It is clear that our own body images are influenced by the human desire to look better, but the point where it becomes an issue is when the media constantly exposes consumers to idealized female and male body images. The first source that have decided to use is the analysis”lnfluence of Cultural Perception on Body Image in Consumer Marketing” by Dagmar Skokanova.

This research article seeks to identify culturally conditioned elements of ideal body image erception and its influence on consumer behavior. The second source that I will refer to is “The Branded Self,” a scholarly article by Arthur Berger. This article explores the connection beN1een our identities and how advertising focuses consumers’ attention on brands as a way of identifying themselves will use these two sources, along with several other scholarly sources, to learn more about the relationship between consumer behavior and cultural environment when it comes to advertising and self image.

TERM PAPER (please see course schedule for due date) This is a research paper about the topic that was proposed previously. This paper should be 8 to 12 pages long (approximately 21 00 to 3200 words). please include a title page, but no cover. please just give me the paper as pag stapled together. Covers are too cumbersome. Please include a contents page and divide the paper into sections with a heading for each section. The sections sh ould include an introduction section, sections that are the body of the paper, and a conclusion section. References The paper should be based on at least ten references.

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At least two of these re ferences should be from academic journals in consumer behavior, or other appropriat ely related fields, such as: psychology, social psychology, cultural anthropology, sociolog Y, or demography. Here are some suggestions of journals that would be appropria Journal of Marketing Journal of Consumer Research Journal of Marketing Research Journal of Consumer Psychology Journal of Advertising Journal of Advertising Research Journal of Retailing Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management Marketing Science Journal of the Academy Of Marketing Science