Pros of Video Games – Term Paper

Playing Video games is a fun and people have several astonishing memories involve them. Playing the video games does not mean anything inherent provided one scheme his or her schedules well. Many use them a way of escapism, that is, a system of passing the time if one has nothing better on which to focus. Frank Manjoo, in his article, notes Tom Bissell’s question on whether playing video games is a fun or addiction.; This paper argues against the opinions that the video contributes a to a massive time wastage by considering Frank Manjoo;s work.

Red dead redemption description

Red Dead Redemption (RDR) is a very popular video game which has a minimum or no adverse impact on one’s social life or any other significant piece of work. One needs to break at least at some point during his or her daily duties. The game provides such a perfect moment whereby one enjoys an absorbing fun hence it is a more of refreshment. Entertainment, which the game provides to an individual, is part of life according to the theory of enjoyment. It is, therefore, advisable for one to play the game as frequent as possible to at least meet the demands of life. One should therefore not have a feeling of guilt when spending considerable hours of the day playing the game if it has such a critical contribution to the continuity of one’s life. Based on entertainment alone, this type occurs at a personal level whereby one can adjust the level at which he or she needs to enjoy it. Somebody playing, the video games, for instance, Tom Bissell, in our case, will choose the best game which would best entertain him.

RDR, among the other popular games, are not associated with instilling emotion to their players. The writer of the article, Frank Manjoo, refers to his personal experience where RDR or any other game has never moved him emotionally as had been happening to him in the case of his best movies, music, and the TV shows. Frank Manjoo refers to Tom Bissell supports the issue of playing video games and notes no bad experience in it the exercise. He, however, notes that the problem that emerges only lies within a feeling of a kind of embarrassment and guilt.  This outlines the potential point at which playing video games may be hazardous. Therefore, the act itself is okay, but the mentality and perception are the greatest determiners of the influence on one. 

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Benefits of video games

One can involve in playing the video games and the other professional activities proceeds. It is not so habitual that one may ignore his source of income. Tom Bissel is a middle-aged man who is the serious gamer and as well proceeds with his work of journalism.  He praises the extent to which he enjoys the game and helps him manage time. He is however torn within doubts on whether to consider playing video games a wastage of time or a proper way of utilizing time. Frank Manjoo who investigates and demonstrates the argument and behavior of the victim, Bissels holds that it is an important means of spending time. He considers Bissels’ culture to be okay, on which note he argues that it does not waste time but rather helps manage time. The fact that playing games can happen concurrently with other relevant occupational activities it is, therefore, such an important exercise. Frank’s article does not reach any point on this note, where Bisell complains of playing games depriving him the valuable time for taking part in big deals.

Bissell notices a kind of game involving an excellent gameplay and is humorous in its storyline. He acknowledges that those who praise such games would have been accurate analysts. Bissell, however, wonders what the other type of games which do not instill humor in the users would impact on them. He, therefore, wonders if people should abandon such games. , Frank Manjoo;s writing is intervention to Bisell;s doubts by assuring the players and any other prospective player that playing video games has nothing to do with depriving one, happiness but rather depends on one’s perceptions. Games have the ability to enable the player to feel happy due to the humorous aspects.

Video games however, at times may also appear to waste time to the player. However much enjoyable and exciting playing the video games may be, one spends a considerable period concentrating on it. There exist chronic players of the games like Tom Bissell who is a victim of Red Dead Redemption addiction. He expresses that he spends a long number of hours focusing on the game can best be translated into some form of idleness where one fails to utilize time which is an important resource in the right way. This aspect and effect of video games there deem them possible ways of massive wastage of time. It is, therefore, disadvantageous on this note.