Quality Assurance Term Paper

Paper on Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance is the complicated process, which includes various methods aimed to make the product meet all the requirements and possess all the expected characteristics. Furthermore, the term also includes the measures which help to maintain the quality during transportation, storage and durable using. It is obvious that the quality of production is of the main factors, which influences the success of business, because every customer who pays money for the goods or services expects to receive the product of the highest quality, which is worth the paid money.

Generally, there are no direct standards of quality and the main requirement which touches upon all the products of all kinds is its safety. That means if the product does not cause harm to the human health, it is already accepted and permitted to be produced.

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In fact, a healthy product can not be called a high-quality one, because the term of quality includes something more. Everyone wants his product to serves long without repairing and here the aspect of quality appears. If a product serves several years and meets the personal requirements of the users, it can be considered a high-quality product. The quality is a subjective factor, because a few products of the same type can possess different quality and here there is the problem of marketing and competition between different companies who strive to win the leading places on the market.

One company can produce cheap goods and services, the other – more expensive goods, which possess higher quality, better characteristics and longer terms of service. So, quality assurance is the subjective problem, which depends on the type and the level of the company.

Quality assurance is a serious process, which is aimed to make the product meet all the expectations of a consumer, so the problem is worth investigation. If a student is interested in the research of the topic, he will have to learn about the structure and methodology of the process a lot and explain the term professionally. A good paper is supposed to contain the up-to-date information from the reliable sources and present the aspects and principles of quality assurance. One is expected to conclude the paper well and define the practical value of the problem for the humanity.

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