Quality Customer Service – Term Paper

Quality customer services include all that an organization does to meet customer expectations efficiently, timely, quick and offering immediate problem solving and building a long lasting relationship. It also includes providing unmatched customer service by giving them what they want at the right time and in the way they want it and even beyond their expectations (Bagdan, Paul). Organizations should strive to offer quality customer service because of the benefits associated with such services over time. The rewards associated are many and have a significant effect on business. 

High quality customer service

First, quality customer service determines organization’s future. Once customers experience unmatched customer service, they return to the firm for more purchases. In the long run, the customer base increases and satisfied customers become ambassadors of the business and attract more customers (Bagdan, Paul). An increase in customer means increased revenues as they spend their money on the organization goods and services. The future of an organization largely depends on its financial performance. Secondly, it ensures a high level of customer satisfaction leading to retention and increased loyalty. The cost of marketing when quality client service is offered is considerably lower because it facilitates products awareness. Collecting information on customer needs and expectation is necessary for the improvement of services and outputs as well as in innovating new viable products. Quality customer services act as a tool for the collection of feedback.;

For example, as customer service executive, I offered excellent customer service to an unsatisfied customer who was threatening to stop purchasing services from my employer. The client changed her mind, bought more products and started encouraging other to buy services from the organization. During the process of serving the customer, she enquired about other services, which I explained how they worked and their benefits at her level. She further gave her recommendations on where to improve and some of needs she had and she thought the company should satisfy. After serving her and making her calm down, I felt encouraged to continue serving customers. I keep on remembering the service offered with some sense of pride and make me love my job more as a client service executive.

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To provide excellent customer service, one should prepare themselves adequately (Bagdan, Paul). The preparation entails knowing the products of an organization well to ensure that one understands customer enquiries and complaints immediately. It helps in offering an immediate assistance and quick customer service. Also, a client service executive should have a positive attitude towards the products and the work of customer service. Negative attitude inhibits the possibility of meeting customer expectations. It is critical for one ensure they prepare to listen and understand customers during customer service even when the client is wrong. It is also important for one to learn when to answers customer and avoid interrupting them when they speak. Above knowing the products, being positive, and understanding a client, one should choose the best language to use when talking to a customer to command trust in whatever one says. For example, one should not use words such as ‘I will try’ and ‘that is bad.’ The phrases make a customer lower their trust and raise their anger. Therefore, it is important for one to practice on the best language possible.

For example, at a time I did not have sufficient knowledge about a product a customer wanted. Unfortunately, the customer wanted an immediate response and was partly aware of the product better than I knew. The client grew angry, and my language in serving the customer was not the best because he doubted everything I said. I used phrases like ;I will try my best; and ;I think,’ from my words he claimed I needed to do my best but not try and that there was an indication that I may fail to do anything. The experience was discouraging and made me feel ashamed that I could not perform my duties efficiently. From that day, I decided I would always ensure I understood all products to detail to avoid such an embarrassment in future.

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