Quality of Work Life Term Paper

Paper on Quality of Work Life:

Quality of work life is the term which means the experience of an employee, which contains job satisfaction, employer-employee relations, the quantity of work, etc. It is obvious that the bigger part of the day people spend at work, so it is important for the employers to learn about the quality of employees’ life at an organization. There are different types of jobs, which require different professional skills and different levels of knowledge, but there are the factors, which can help to define the level of the quality of work life of employees of all kinds. First of all, it is skill variety; that means how many skills an employee requires in order to fulfil his duties well. if the job is dynamic and one can to turn on and activate a great number of skills, such a job can be called an interesting one. Then, there is the task identity and task significance, which define the number and the variety of tasks and duties an employee has to do.

The more varied the job is, the less space will be left for boredom, because monotonous work is often unbearable for employees. Next, there are many factors which can influence the quality of work life.

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For example, the employee’s participation in the process of management, the involvement in work, proper job motivation from the side of the managers, social support, the activations of numerous skills of an employee, the opportunity of self development, equity and fairness in the relations between the employers and employees, etc.

Quality of work life is closely connected with job satisfaction, opportunities for advancement and adequate fair wages, because all these factors influence the quality of life of an individual. If one spends most of his time in the unfavourable environment, it is a signal to change something or look for a new workplace. A successful term paper on quality of work life explains the topic from all sides and focuses on its main points, which require broader and deeper analysis. One should pay attention to the components and theories of quality of work life in order to analyze the topic well and impress the professor. Students are expected to collect reliable data for the research and introduce the best methods of the research.

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