Riyadh City – Term Paper

Riyadh City is the largest town in Saudi Arabia and the capital city of the country. The city is located in the southern Najd region. Typically, the name Riyadh means “the place of Gardens and Trees.” Initially, Riyadh was known as Al-yam amah. It is the richest region strategically situated in the heartland of the Arabian Peninsula. The city has an approximate population of 8 million people and is divided into 15 local districts headed by the Riyadh Development Authority and the mayor of Riyadh. Moreover, my city – Riyadh is thought of being the most fascinating and efficient town across the entire Middle East, with a conformist and somber atmosphere regardless of the numerous motor vehicles and continuous construction practices. In essence, Riyadh City has been the happiest and most pleasant place I have ever lived. Having lived in Riyadh city since my childhood, with both family and friends, I have grown to acknowledge the city to be responsible for defining my destiny, which I believe to be promising. 

Personal essay on childhood memories

My best childhood and teenage memories date back to Riyadh since almost the entire list of my friends also grew up within the city. In my individual life, I have grown to treasure or value friendship so much. Indeed, I believe in the adage that “no man is an island,” meaning, no particular individual can ever stand alone or be independent of others. I can still recall the days when we used to encourage ourselves as friends, inspiring each one to offer the best in life and invest more efforts on studies. We believed in the help from each as teenagers of the same age group. As such, friendship has been not only part and parcel of my experiences within the city but also the key to my success. In a group of teenagers, we still adore and treasure the Riyadh city for being the best place we could exercise all these. It has been the backbone of our success in life. Personally, I believe that Riyadh City offered us the best and conducive environment for expressing ourselves and putting our ideas into practice. 

Furthermore, Riyadh has served as the best place and home to my family of nine. The city offers the best and almost everything that any other family could be in need of, such as the good recreational facilities, infrastructure, learning and health amenities, alongside the sufficient food supply. These, alongside other commodities, facilities, and services are some of the things that make Riyadh the best place to live. 

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Information about Riyadh city

Considering my career in the healthcare sector, Riyadh has offered the best environment and facilities to learn and practice my profession. Unlike most other health care professionals I have encountered all my life, in my case, I did not realize that I had the urge and role to practice as a healthcare provider until 2008 when my father was diagnosed with a chronic disease. Consequently, my interest in healthcare provision naturally grew to a higher level, particularly in the nursing department since he was diagnosed eight years ago due to diabetes. During that time, I realized how essential wellness is to human’s daily living. Since then, family ties and relationships have held us together despite the unwavering obstacles we have always faced. I still reside with my parents to date, and they (including the extended family members) have always supported me both physically and emotionally. Regardless of the several numbers of challenges, the family has always been by my side; they have guided, helped, and encouraged me to develop a sense of belonging and originality. Riyadh has always served as my motherland. It has offered my family the best place, and above all, it offered me the best environment and facilities to undertake my career studies. More amply, Riyadh offered me the best instructors/tutors who have always guided me through my studies. 

I can affirm to everyone that Riyadh city is one of the most supportive places they could ever dream of living in. Therefore, I have never imagined of leaving the city at any given moment in my life. The city has offered me the best guidance throughout my childhood and career development. It offered the most pleasant and moral environment full of virtues that can help every child to grow morally upright. For every human’s growth, there is a need for a supportive mental and physical environment; hence, Riyadh city offers all these environmental needs. As a result, every child grows up with lots of respect for the elderly, and every adult is also compassionate about the needs of both youths and children. For instance, my first teachers were my parents who taught me the lesson of life; that no matter the circumstances, when I see an old person, I should not hesitate to kiss him/her on the forehead or hands to show maximum respect for them. This practice is one of the best, respectful, and moral practices for which Riyadh offers a perfect environment, hence unique from other several cities where this act may not be condoned or encouraged.

Riyadh city, as the capital of Saudi Arabia, upholds the best educational facilities and practices that instill the desire to become what an individual child may wish to be. For instance, I wanted to become a nurse after my father’s 2008 disease incidence, and Riyadh helped me attain this through the availability of leaning resources and conducive learning environment. Successfully, accomplished my 2.5 years Diploma studies. The experiences during my studies and career practice have been enriching, hence opening my eye to realize the fact the limitations, implications, and complications in life are unending. However, the studies through experiments and practical activities helped me realize that no problem or challenge in life is ever permanent. All these facts require resources that can support an individual to evolve in every field of study, and Riyadh has got the ability to offer those resources. 

The best city to live in the world

For four years, I worked in King Fahad Medical City at Home Health Care Department as a Nursing Technician. Enjoying the most strategic location in the heart of Riyadh City, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Fahad Medical City is the largest and the most advanced medical complex in the Middle East. Through the Grace of God, the home healthcare department at King Fahad Medical City attained the accreditation by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). It was the first facility to receive this accreditation outside the U.S.A. It would be my dream to be granted the opportunity to further my studies in the United States of America. As such, it is a tremendous privilege and honor to be the recipient of the King Fahad Medical City’s Scholarship for Foreign Studies by the Saudi Ministry of Education for excellent practice performance. The award was possible due to the cutesy of learning in Riyadh city. I invested a lot of efforts in my studies and received sufficient support from my family members who helped me shape my dream.

In conclusion, Riyadh city is the city is where I was born and raised. It has been my favorite place of stay, and I have several reasons to support this and support it as the best city to live is. Since it has been the place I grew up, I understand almost every part of the city in detail. For instance, I know some of the recreational areas where one can go to different recreational activities. As well, for public services, I am knowledgeable about specific areas and governmental offices. I can also find all that I need with a lot of ease and enjoy the vicinities and pleasing adventures of the city with my friends. I have a firm family foundation and many friendship relationships that have always supported me and kept me going. In my view, Riyadh City has been the best, most pleasant, and happiest place to live since my childhood, and it has been responsible for defining my destiny, which I firmly believe to be auspicious.