Robin Hood Term Paper

Hood Term Paper:

Robin Hood is the character of the medieval English folk ballads and the leader of the outlaws who robbed the rich and gave to the poor. It is obvious that the legends about Robin Hood changed from time to time and the romantic image of a faithful outlaw who supported the poor appeared in the 19th century and since that time the character is associated with the good deeds and totally kind heart. According to the legend Robin Hood and his ‘Merry Men’ lived in Sherwood Forest and robbed every rich person passing along it. Naturally, the identity of the outlaw is not known but the first mentions about Robin Hood appeared in the 13th century. Robin is known to be n excellent swordsman and archer, what made his a skilful warrior. The first ballads about Robin Hood appeared in the 14th century but the plot was too narrow and only in the 19th century there was written a set of ballads about the outlaw, which contributed to his romantic image, by Francis Child.

According to the certain ideas Robin Hood was a free peasant or a bankrupt noble who wanted to oppose the rich and help the poor. Robin Hood is one of the characters of the English ballads (like King Arthur) which exist behind the boarders of folklore and have become the part of the culture of the nation. The character of Robin Hood has become so fascinating and attractive, that he has become the popular image in mass culture and numerous movies, cartoons and books have been created about the outlaw presenting his adventures to the general public.

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Robin Hood is the popular character of the English folklore and he is surely worth attention. There have been many attempts to identify the personality of Robin Hood but no one managed to do it, so a student can try to prepare a term paper and identify the person of the outlaw. A good term paper on Robin Hood is supposed to present as much information about the outlaw as possible, touch upon the historical facts about him and the information mentioned in ballads and define the role of Robin Hood for the English culture.

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