Role of a Mental Health Nurse – Term Paper

What is the role of a mental health nurse?

 As a student in mental health nurse, I can link my experience to the following articles. The first article is modeling and remodeling theory by Helen Erickson. According to the nursing theory by Helen Erickson (modeling and role-modeling theory), it has helped me in defining the career as well understanding what is required as a mental health nurse (Walsh, K. Vandenbosch T.,  & Boehm S. 1989). From the theory, as a nurse, you should care and nurture every patient being aware that, respecting individual patient’s uniqueness is what keeps the career moving. Throughout my experience, I have been able to apply the aspects coined by Helen. The second article addresses the theory of health promotion model by Nola Pender which states that “Health is a positive dynamic state rather than simply the absence of disease” (Thibeault, R., & Hebert, M. 2007). The understanding of these theories helped me in my experience to develop a personal understanding of the importance of being positive to the career, giving the best services for one primary goal which is recovery from a disorder or illness. 

Role of a mental health nurse practitioner

  Another article that I can link with my experience is a review of transcultural nursing theory by Madeliene Leininger. The understanding of this theory has greatly influenced my interaction with people during my experience. The understanding of this theory also helped me understand different cultures and applied the understanding to my experience (Gustafson D., 2005).   

  The role of this paper was to illustrate my experiences as a mental health student nurse regarding the application of nursing theories. Also, from the understanding of these theories how I applied my understanding to be able to practice as a student nurse. The question I would like answered concerning the role of a medical health nurse is; how do they apply their experience to address the multidisciplinary treatment of mental disorders having in mind that mental health treatment involves different specialist? 

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