Role of the army – Term Paper

Military’s Place in Preserving American;Freedom

The US army is a critical organization that is used the advancement of American policies, both locally and overseas. One of the most valued things in American society is freedom. Americans relish their freedoms so much that they are enshrined in their constitution. As such, it is only logical that the US military is used to ensure that no entity interferes with these freedoms. The US Army ensures that Americans are free from invasion, inequality, unemployment, political oppression, and foreign reliance.;

The Role of the Army in Preserving Freedom from Foreign Invasion

Protecting the American mainland from foreign aggression is the primary duty of the US military. The United States borders the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Since these boundaries are vast, there is the need for a force that will protect these regions from proliferation by threats. Further, several countries and organizations do not see eye to eye with the United States and its policies. Terror groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda are determined to harm US citizens. Therefore, when the US military embarks on ground and aerial military campaigns over countries like Iraq and Syria, they are mitigating the threat from spreading to the US. Additionally, the US Army acts as a deterrence against potential foreign invasion due to its size and capability. The US spends a lot of money in upgrading and equipping its military. Also, the army is in control of a vast array of ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads that fend off any potential invaders.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Army in Preserving Freedom from Inequality

The military operates in a way that overcomes social, economic, and political differences. During the First World War, the US army was one of the first government institutions to accept minority groups such as Black Americans en masse. Currently, people of different race, religion, and ethnicity serve in the US army. In the military, the differences between individuals diminish because the personnel are more concerned with protecting the welfare of their country than they are about their personal beliefs. Also, the sexual orientation of people within the US military does not affect how they will be treated. Rules such as the “do not ask, do not tell ” take a neutral stance when it came to the sexuality of army personnel. Newer rules allow servicepersons to express their sexuality without the fear of discrimination. Thus, the US armed forces act as a focal point for promoting equality between different people since all persons are graded based on their performance.;

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Role of Military Police in Preserving Freedom from Unemployment

The US military is one of the largest employers in America. Over one million people serve in the US military in various capacities. These people serve in the active Army, the National Guard, and the Army Reserves. This means that very many people are getting a steady paycheck courtesy of the US Army. When civilians join the military, they acquire technical and professional education. These skills are very useful to servicepersons especially when they leave the armed forces. For instance, military nurses and doctors can become civilian practitioners. Combat skills come in handy for military personnel who wish to venture into businesses such as private security. Moreover, the US government employs very many people through defense contractors. Companies such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing receive large sums of money to develop various military assets. In turn, they employ many US civilians in their production facilities.;

What is the Role of the Military in the Preserving Freedom from Political Oppression

In the US, the army is apolitical. The military is meant to serve the interests of the American public and not the interests of particular persons. In countries such as North Korea, the military is used to advance the interests of the elite rulers. These leaders use the might of the army to suppress any dissent among the civilians. Also, in some countries, the military commanders use the tools at their disposal to interfere with government activities by overthrowing the duly elected government. Such a scenario was witnessed in Egypt in the aftermath of the Arab Spring uprising. However, in the US, the armed forces maintain a neutral stance and only act on proper instructions from duly elected representatives. In the US people are not afraid of the army since they know that the military is loyal to the people and will not be used to repress them. Therefore, the US military;s neutrality on political affairs ensures that people are free from political oppression.;

Military Police Role in Preserving Freedom from Foreign Reliance

The United States does not rely on other foreign powers for protection. Many countries depend on the US army;s strength to shield them from the threats they face. One such country is Poland. Poland belongs to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which is dominated by American forces. Having the US as a partner guarantees Poland that they are secure from the threat of invasion by Russia. Similarly, if the American army withdraws wholly from Iraq, the country would be significantly destabilized. The US has many alliances with other armies, but it is capable of defending itself. Military alliances are not sure guarantees that the other party will fulfill their end. As such, by investing heavily in its armed forces, America does not have to call on others to protect it.;


The US military protects Americans from the threat of invasion by other countries. It also serves as an avenue to promote equality. Also, it provides Americans with employment opportunities, ensures civilians are not oppressed by their leaders and reduces the country;s reliance on foreign support. These actions by the American armed forces ensure that the country;s freedoms are guaranteed and safeguarded.;