Anatomy and Physiology Term Paper

and Physiology Term Paper:

Anatomy and physiology of the human body are the branches of biology and morphology which study the structure of the human body, its organs and systems and the way of their functioning.

Anatomy is a branch of biology, which focuses on the study of the structure of the human body in detail. In fact, the experts research not only the outer image of the body but the form and composition of the organs, which are the part of the organism.

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Physiology is a science about the nature and principles of life. It investigates the functions of every part of the human body, its relation with the whole organism and the environment.

Speaking about the connection between anatomy and physiology, it must be admitted that anatomy presents a detailed picture of the structure of the human organism providing much space for suggestion and physiology applied this knowledge on practice. Briefly, having idea about the form and characteristics of the organ, it is possible to define its functions in the organism and its connection with other systems of organs in the body. Anatomy and physiology can cover broad and narrow questions, for example, the structure and functions of the organism in the whole and of the separate systems and organs. In health care anatomy and physiology is the theoretical basis, which is used by the healthcare provider to define the condition of the patient making the proper diagnosis. Furthermore, the knowledge and facts received due to the cooperation of anatomy and physiology it is easy to restore the human health and the normal condition of the organism which suits to the human age, gender, ethnicity and other factors.

Anatomy and physiology are one of the most useful disciplines which help people learn more about themselves and these disciplines are worth investigation. A successful term paper on anatomy and physiology is expected to provide the professor with up-to-date, interesting and informative facts concerning the history of these disciplines, their current condition and the problems they analyse.

One is supposed to pay attention to the structure and methodology of anatomy and physiology in order to be able to evaluate these disciplines objectively and predict their further development and contribution into the human life.

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