Romeo and Juliet Term Paper

and Juliet Term Paper:

Romeo and Juliet is the well-known tragedy written by the English playwright William Shakespeare. The tragedy was written between 1594 and 1595 and very soon it became extremely popular in England and then all over the world. Today the activity of William Shakespeare is mostly associated with Romeo and Juliet, the tragedy which describes the difficulties of the unhappy love between the two young people Romeo and Juliet who belonged to the two rival families who were is constant conflict with each other. The problem of unhappy love is the eternal topic and can be found in the writing of various authors all over the world. The fist one who touched upon this problem and recorded it in literature was Ovid. The plot of the tragedy is simple: there are two families Montague and Capulet which are in constant struggle. Romeo, the representative of the Montague family falls in love with the young Juliet from the family of Capulet.

Of course, they can not be together, because the parents of both young people hate one another and do everything possible to prevent their children from marriage. In the end, when Romeo and Juliet understand that they can not be together they commit suicide and only this tragic fact made Montague and Capulet forget about their rows. In his tragedy Shakespeare touches upon such problems as love, fate and chance, duality, time, etc. Romeo and Juliet is translated nearly into every language of the world and there are numerous screen version of the tragedy which still fascinate viewers of all ages, because the problems aroused in the play are always interesting and relevant.

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Romeo and Juliet is not only an interesting world famous tragedy but the interesting text for the analysis. Students who are going to write a term paper on Romeo and Juliet are supposed to read the text attentively in order to learn its plot and read critics in order to be able to read between the lines and find numerous problems and sub topics hidden in the text. One is expected to reveal the problem from all sides and complete a detailed analysis of the book, its characters, problems and themes. In conclusion, a student should focus on the value of the tragedy for the world literature and art.

It is difficult to complete a successful term paper on a book, because one should be an experienced student to be able to analyze it in detail. The Internet can provide students with free example Romeo and Juliet term papers written by the experts in order to help them complete their assignments well. A free sample Romeo and Juliet term paper can teach student analyze the book correctly and format the paper professionally impressing the teacher.