Sample cover letter for pharmacy technician – Term Paper

A highly self-motivated chemist keen to ensure excellence in chemical analysis

I hereby apply for this position as my skills and interests, including my Master’s degrees in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, will enable me to provide the much-needed support in chemical analysis to your highly esteemed organisation using the latest analytical instruments.

My bachelors and masters degrees, as well as my experience as a laboratory technician, equipped me with vital analytical chemistry skills. I pride myself on my expertise in the analysis of samples. I am particularly well-versed with the use of various instruments in analysing samples. More specifically, I have knowledge in the use of modern analytical tools such as chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. For instance, I did my master;s thesis in a pharmaceutical company where I learned to use advanced analytical techniques such as LC-MS, DSC, and UV-Visible Spectroscopy. As an Inorganic Chemistry Lab Supervisor, I also acquired valuable skills in the use of infrared spectroscopy and; X -ray diffraction. In addition to my academic knowledge in polymer chemistry, working as an Organic Chemistry Lab teaching assistant gave me an opportunity to do more polymer experiments.

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I am helpful, considerate, and able to respond promptly and courteously to clients; complaints and queries because I believe that customers need to receive the best possible customer service experience. I am also confident that my strong organisational skills will come in handy in your organisation. I can manage responsibilities through thoughtful planning, good time management, and prioritisation.

I am confident you will find an excellent candidate for this position in me. I am willing and ready to meet you at your earliest convenience to further discuss my qualifications. Please reach me at the phone number provided above for a face-to-face meeting. Thank you in advance for your consideration.