San Francisco Homeless Problem – Term Paper

Discuss how homelessness in San Francisco has meaning and relevance in other contexts

 San Francisco seems to have a big problem when it comes to the cases of homeless. According to statistics, the number of homeless people has been increasing from 2005 all the way to 2015. For instance,  in 2005  there were 6,248, 2006 there were  6  377, in 2011 the number was 6 455, and in 2015 the number is 7000.   For instance using the 2015 statics, San  Francisco had 7000 people who were homeless; Chicago had 6, 786. The reason as to why San Francisco is believed to have many people is because it was the disembarkation point where the people from Vietnam and the Korean War settled.   This resulted in the increase the number of shelters in Francisco increasing the number of immigrants. The main aim of this paper is to discuss why the issue of homelessness in San Francisco is important in other contexts. 

 One of the meaning and the relevance of homeless in San Fransisco is displaying the failure of the government in handling the homeless issue.  Given that is the greatest problem facing Fransisco, the government has failed to take the necessary actions in controlling homelessness. The issue, therefore, helps the government to highlight its strength and the weaknesses that it has in dealing with critical issues facing the society. In addition, it also provides light to the government regarding where they should invest most, especially with the increasing number of people over the years. 

San Francisco homelessness

 The high number of homeless is also important to the homeowners. According to the report, the homes in San Fransisco are expensive compared to other cities. For instance, the people with real jobs argue tat they bare using almost 30% of house rent. As much as these people are suffering because of the high cost of the homes, the owners celebrate because of these expenses.

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 The large number of the homeless people in San Francisco hs resulted in the emergence of liberal services that are directed to helping individuals who are homeless and poor. As mush as these services are meant to help the homeless, the poor people have also benefited from the services, and this is also helping in improving the lives and the living standards of these individuals. 

  San Fransisco is a small town and considering that the number of people is high, this has changed the condition. As a result, everyone has changed their perception towards San Fransisco, and they all want to change the situation.  Volunteer programs are educating the homeless on the importance of maintaining high hygiene and the importance of participating in social work activities.  This has given the people in San Francisco to acquire the necessary skills that they need to survive in the society. At the same time, the issue has also enhanced the picture of San Francisco both geographically and culturally. According to some of the homeless individuals,  the weather is warm and the West Coast cities provide the best view. It is also determined that San Francisco does not get too hot during summer and this has attracted a lot.  Using this information,   the globe has come to understand a lot of details about San Francisco. 

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