Secondary Source Review – Term Paper

Secondary Source Review

Quote: When the story begins, Daviss journalistic-like narrator records that Wolfe has already lost the strength and instinctual vigor of a man; his muscle are this, his nerves weak, his face (a meek womans face) Haggard, and yellow with consumption.

Explanation: I will use this part of the quote for my paper to expound on the hardships associated with physical labor. Physical labor, especially when forced, has detrimental effects on the health of the worker. Therefore, physical work should be assigned to various employees and in limited doses. Too much of physical labor can pose serious health concerns. In the article, the author talks about the man in question subjected to physical labor as thin with weak nerves. In my understanding and prior research conducted on physical work and productivity, a man is usually at his best and more productive when they are healthy, happy, and contented with their job. However, when his health is at stake and working conditions not favorable, the worker tends to be less productive and enthusiastic about the job. As much as hard work and diligence are necessary to work virtues and ethics, they should not be overdone.

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I will also use this part to shed light on the oppressive characters of employers. Most companies are so focused on wealth creation that they forget that their employees are human. They subject them to intolerable physical labor that is draining both psychologically and physiologically. They are very result-oriented that they overlook the process of attaining the results. The same employees are usually so quick to punish mistakes whereas the compliments are hardly whispered nor rewarded.

Title: Representing and Self-Mutilating the Laboring Male

Author: Caroline S. Miles

Journal: Re-examining Rebecca Harding Daviss Life in the Iron Mills

Database: Dominican University Library Resource