Sex Exploitation in the UK – Term Paper


In this written assignment, I have chosen four different texts about people trafficking into the UK. Notably, the task takes an analytical focus on the issue of sex exploitation. The first article contains the statistics of human trafficking which is on the rise in the UK. The second one was uploaded by the “National Crime Agency,” which explains on various types of the modern slavery, which include sexual exploitation. The third article contains a case study on sexual exploitation, posted on the UN website. The last one outlines the possible solutions of sexual exploitation compiled by the U.S. Department of State.

The aim of this assignment is to inform the actual situation of the issue of sexual exploitation in the UK and identifying the possible solutions, based on the statistical data from the sources I have identified. My intention is to tackle a controversial topic informatively and yet propmting readers to action. Therefore, I have chosen a blog as my text type; simply because I started with a short story of trafficked woman to attract blog visitors’ attention. I intend to improve the awareness concerning the topic and also capture the attention of the target audience. I have chosen a semi-formal language tone for the task.

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Exploitation of sex in the UK

Human trafficking is one of the common issues discussed, but most people ignore to debate. In my post, today, I specifically want to tackle the issue of human trafficking into the UK and especially, how sex exploitation materializes through it. One such example is that of a girl, an immigrant from Libya, who illegally finds her way into the UK but has no place to stay. To make ends meet, she starts begging by the roadside; however, one night two men emerge from a car and promise to employ her as a house help. It is at this point that she is driven off, held captive for several days until traffic police rescue her. She then narrates to police how the two guys paid captors in exchange for her. Police also note that she experienced rape several times which not only affected her mental state but her well-being as well.  


Sex exploitation in the UK is not a new thing, statistics alone from the National Referral Mechanism suggest that in 2005, 3,200 people are said to be victims of rape.  The figure represents a 245 percent rise in sex exploitation incidences. This, in just five years, is worrying considering the severity of the crime. It is an issue that the UK government together with her people needs to cooperate in an attempt to combat it. The case is not the first one in the UK; there are several cases involving sex exploitation. The issue is almost reaching an all-time high thus finding a solution is important.


There are several ways to fight the vice. However, having solutions is one thing and implanting is the other. To start with is the government; it needs to ensure that teenagers get sex education. In addition to that, it also necessary for the government to reinforce existing laws, this includes but not limited to Sexual Offences Act of 2003 and Modern Slavery Act of 2014. Moreover, supporting existing NGOs, such as ADPARE, that aid or rescue victims appears to be another solution.  Furthermore, the creation of jobs to trafficking victims can also be of use. Last but most importantly, People ought to not only volunteer to the anti-trafficking organization but report sex exploitation sites. Those solutions form part of the many ways to contain the problem of sex trafficking. A Later post will have more detailed information on the solutions.

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