Smart Goals Worksheet – Term Paper

My Educational Goal

My personal mission statement guiding my bachelor’s of nursing study is: I aspire to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing as it will give me more opportunities to progress to higher positions in the nursing field. To support my mission and realize my dream of earning the bachelor’s, I have set a goal: to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing in the next two years. Goal setting is important in that it improves a student’s academic performance (Conzemius & O’Neill, 2011) and aids in monitoring a student’s progress towards realizing long-term goals (Harrington, 2015).

To achieve my goal of earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing, I intend to work hard on my academics and attain a minimum grade of B+ in all nursing courses. To get these good grades, I plan to study for at least four hours per day besides the regular coursework hours, seven days a week. Secondly, I plan to have a study group with my course mates, at least twice per week. Lastly, I intend to meet with my lecturers for clarification on what I did not understand in class.

The achievement of this goal will help me to get more equipped with critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills. These skills will enable me to progress to higher positions in the nursing field e.g. leadership and management positions. The newly acquired skills will also help enhance my work performance thus improving healthcare.

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