Social Media Marketing Research – Term Paper

Research paper on social media marketing

Social media marketing as the name suggests is a method of advertising goods and services that companies offer or job vacancies on the social media platforms. In the recent past, most companies began to explore the online market to advertise their products and services. Technology has developed a lot and with the discovery of the internet companies can reach customers all over the world by selling their stuff online. The aim of the research is determining the job opportunities and duties and responsibilities of the field of social media marketing.

Analysis of the jobs in social media marketing

There are several jobs in the social media marketing business. The jobs include social media marketer, social media marketing manager, social media specialists, digital media marketing coordinator, marketing strategist/team member, social media marketing assistant, etc. All sorts of companies including online marketing firms need this kind of people. These positions require people who can communicate excellently both verbally and in writing. They also need individuals who have good knowledge of technology.

Social Media Marketer is entitled to working together with the marketing team to develop promotions and messages, marketing on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. He/She also talks with the customers on these platforms, coming up with strategies to keep the public engaged and also noting new social media practices and implementing in the online business filed.

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Social Media Marketing Manager is required to oversee effective marketing campaigns by closely working with other teams and also ensure that all goals and objectives related to social media, email marketing, branding, and outreach initiatives are met. The responsibilities of the manager include creation and management of social media contents, execution of efficient online campaigning strategies, providing innovative recommendations, analyzing reports from the public and providing appropriate advice from the reports. He/she is in charge of the online marketing activities.

Social Marketing Coordinator works together with the Marketing Director in creating and implementing creative marketing strategies to sell the company well. The responsibilities of a coordinator are similar to those of a manager only that he/she is involved more on the implementation of the decisions made pertaining social media marketing for the success of the business.

There is also another opportunity where one can work as Social Media Analyst. The job involves communicating marketing analytics of internet trends, site features, and best practices, and making a report of the results to the agency staff. It may also involve interacting with clients and analyze emails on behalf of assigned accounts. It is from this analysis that a company makes sound decisions which favor its objectives.


From the few descriptions of the jobs available in the Social Media Marketing field, it is clear that the responsibilities are almost similar with few differences. The qualifications for these jobs are few with the main one being proficiency in marketing and technology. In future, I would like to work in this field because apart from being useful in marketing and technology, I also have a creative mind which would see the sales of any company improve tremendously. The job is also quite easy, and one can do it from their homes. I believe social media marketing is very efficient and economical in selling a company’s name all over the world.