Best and Worst Jobs – Term Paper

My favorite job essay

Hospitality management provides excellent employment opportunities in many fields. It allows students to apply their skills in careers like sales, business administration, hotel management, event planning and fishing management among other job opportunities. As a student, I have been involved in many different tasks related to hospitality. Within the jobs I did, there is one that I loved and one that was my worst nightmare ever.  In this paper, I am going to discuss these two jobs explaining why I liked one and hated the other.

My most favorite job I ever did was being a hotel human resource manager for Jacky Hotel Services. This was a food and beverage center in my town that provided food services to people from various locations. I was hired a human resource manager to assist in paychecks, hiring and recruiting, conflict resolution and firing of workers. I loved the job because as a manager, I was always in charge and giving directions to my colleagues. Being in charge improved my leadership and creativity skills. This is because now and then I was faced a difficult situation that required immediate decision-making and everyone was looking at me waiting for my idea. Being the flexible person I am, I was always able to think quickly and save the firm from a lot of losses and embarrassment.

The job also allowed me to learn to share into the plight of junior staff. My team could share some of their problems seeking my help and sometimes ideas. This made me realize who much it takes to be the boss. You not only need to support your employees, but you also need to sympathize and empathize with them when required. Employees form the major part of every firm and being there for them will motivate them to give their best in every duty delegated to them. I always love the job because it paid well and through the money I got and the managerial skills I had obtained while working there, I was able to start my firm. Since them, I have made sure that every mistake I saw at Jacky Hotel Services is not repeated in my new restaurant.

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Essay about the worst job ever

My most terrible job, however, was being a customer service manager. Here my responsibilities included ensuring that all customers are satisfied with our service delivery. Customers are not easy people to deal with. They can make life very unbearable and stressful. I also realized that people tend to complain a lot when they are getting old. Since my job was to ensure that I understand the customers, sometimes I had to imagine myself being old to feel them. Sometimes I had to apologize even when the client was the wrong person. My manager always insisted the customer is always right.

For instance, I remember one time a customer made an order online and said he would pick it up later. However, upon arrival on the firm, he insisted that he had asked us to deliver the product to his residential. It was a long day apologizing and convincing the customer that the same mistake will not happen again when he was wrong.

Therefore, if given a chance, I will still want to be human resource manager. I would want to know my employees and assist them to build their lives and become better people in the society. It is a fulfilling job.