Best and worst bosses – Term Paper

Describe your working relationship

I have gone for many internship programs on hospitality management during holiday breaks and have interacted with the best and the worse bosses in my experience. In one hotel where I used to work, I had an excellent manager. The reason they are my best boss is that I always associated with their real personality. My boss always welcomed new people to a job because he believed in individuals who are starting up their careers. He was a person with a high purpose about the business. He was the owner and had high goals for the hotel. He always ensured that he reminded every worker of the aims of the hotel. He always encouraged us to share ideas that we felt could improve the hotel and this made employees very free to interact with him. There are always people in the organization that has great ideas, but unless they listen to, they can never be achieved. He ensured that each day we had a 15minutes meeting that he would use to impact knowledge, direction, and expectation to the employees. These talks kept all of us on toes during the day and very motivated.

There was always an appreciation for the work well done. The employees had a sense of belonging because their work was noticed. This made worker strive to be the best at their jobs. Everybody’s roles were clearly defined at the workplace. Everybody knew their duties and tasks. The employees were encouraged to take risks and even continue learning whenever they make mistakes. He was never too bossy, but he knew how to handle management roles and hand the employees because he would even coach us on life skills.

Words to describe your boss

During another internship at an event management firm, I had an experience with a terrible boss. When we met, and I introduced myself she was just there not even smiling. That actual made me feel like he did not like me. We were like three other interns how were in the same company. The reason I considered him a bad boss was that he was too bossy. He would talk about his achievements in life and how nobody would advise him because he knew it all. He used to support these by telling us that he has experience than any of us so he would like any opposition when he tells you what to do. Our ideas about events management were kept to ourselves because he would listen to you then just shun the idea though most would have been useful to the company. Instead of taking the ideas he will reframe the idea and take credit for someone else idea. Everybody in the company feared him and will not even talk when he is around the office.

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Bosses are supposed to be respected not feared. During the assignment that he assigned us, he used to have the different expectation. The employees do not know what their expectation are in that we were supposed to figure out on their own because he used to change his mind about work frequently. He always used the people under him as scapegoats every time that he made mistakes. The workers we never appreciated in any job that was well done. Making a mistake was the worst thing in the organization since he would embarrass you in front of your colleges and even shout at you. Some errors are minor and can be corrected with communication. Bosses are supposed to motivate, encourage and have a good interpersonal relationship with their workers