Term Paper on Recruitment and Selection

and Selection Term Paper:

Recruitment and selection is one of the most important processes essential for the successful development of business of any kind. The process is based on the proper and careful selection of the applicants for work and prediction of their ability to make considerable contribution into the development of the company. It is important to recruit professional employees, because only they are able to work well and improve the production of the company.

On the other hand it is not easy to select the best applicant, because there are many factors which influence the quality of work and professional skills of the future employee. First of all the traits of his character will effect greatly the quality of his work. The boss should be a great psychologist to be able to detect the best applicant for work, because even a well-educated person will not succeed in work, if she has weak character. Nearly every company works in stressful situation and rapid tempo and many employees simply can not cope with the work physically and emotionally.

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That is why every employee is checked carefully during the recruitment process. The boss creates special stressful situations and observes the reaction of the applicant. The boss can shout, ask various questions, check knowledge to see the person from all sides.

The process of selection is very difficult but every boss should devote enough time to it in order to gather a good team of employees who are perfect for the work at the very organization. If one manages to recruit good employees, they will do their best to help the company flourish and prosper. A good term paper should be informative and interesting for reading, so one should red much about the topic under research to learn as much as possible about it and collect enough data for the analysis. When one writes a term paper on such a serious topic, he has to present the idea of the problem under investigation, present the methods of the recruitment process, its types, advantages and disadvantages, any difficulties connected with it. Moreover, a student can offer his own methods of recruitment to make the process more effective and easier.

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