Jury Duty – Term Paper

I know what justice is not! As an elected official, I was subjected to or faced with undue provocation and harassment to the extent that it inhibited my ability to perform my duties effectively; but, I did not become discouraged. To fulfill a hidden agenda, they resorted to defamation of character.

Who would have ever believed that such an effective leader would be subjected to such extreme cruelty? And the question remains, WHY? Indeed / Undeniably, on 2010, the numbers were in, the votes were counted, and Marilynn Bland was declared the winner for The Clerk of the Circuit Court for Prince Georges County, Maryland. At that very moment, what would emerge as overt provocation and harassment began as a covert process carried out by the Politicians, Law Enforcement, AOC, Judicial System, Media Government, which meant that there was no one for me to neither collaborate with nor consult with. Upon recognizing that there was no one for me to work in partnership with, I chose to practice what I had been taught since childhood, Remain humble, do what is right t and know that things will work in your favor.

Furthermore, there was constant interference in my office because they felt that, I was looking too good; this were going too well for me. It became apparent that they were concerned about their inability to control a true public servant that had the peoples best interests ahead of personal concerns. They went to the extent of soliciting individuals to run against me, and when they were unable to convince someone, they decided to support someone who is not qualified. The people that had elected me were satisfied and content; because they knew that they could count on me to represent them. But the establishment was mad/angry/ furious but, WHY? Considering I had received hundreds of thousands of votes, even though the establishment was against me, and this was my fifth consecutive election to public office, one must ask why the powers would have become so angry while the constituents who had exercised their voting rights were extremely pleased with the outcome.

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Almost immediately, there were notable, positive changes in the operation of the Clerks office supported by feedback. One of my most vivid recollections evolved around my responsibility for overseeing Jury Duty. It is important to note that whenever I approach a new position, I assess the situation and determine what can be done to improve the functionality of the institution. Something that was quite apparent was the difficulty in motivating citizens to show up for jury duty because many people just dont like jury duty, but more importantly, they did not understand the significant role that they played in the Judicial Process.

Each morning I took time to address the prospective jurors: I first greeted them and thanked them for showing up to carry out their civic duty, and I reiterated our appreciation. There was a significant turnaround in the way citizens approached jury duty; it was quite positive. Individuals were looking forward to serving on jury duty.