Term Paper on Training and Development

and Development Term Paper:

Training and development is the essential process for the development every kind of business. Its aim is the recruitment of the new employees who are expected to bring success to the company and be the source and guarantee of its profit. Unfortunately, when one is hired, he is not ready to work in the company as a real employee with his duties and rights. Every novice employee will have to learn much about his occupation and work, his duties, kind and manner of work he has to fulfill.

Even the smartest employee who has graduated fro a prestigious educational institution is not ready to work at once, because every company is a different environment with its own rules, standards and type of behavior. In order to help new members feel like at home special courses are organized which are aimed at the training of the required skills, manners and kind of behavior.

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Experienced managers create short courses which teach the basis of the working standards and an employee is ready to work in no more than two weeks. The main problem of the process of training and development is time. Evidently, it is not cheap to teach novice employees required skills and spend money on their development. If the number of such worker is high, the company loses much money and resources. That is why bosses employ the best psychologists and managers who create brief courses and prepare professionals in the shortest terms.

Moreover, in order to make training effective the applicant should already be talented and possess the majority of the required skills. That is why a smart boss who hires an applicant for work should be able to predict his abilities to work properly and make contribution into the development of the company; determine whether he suits the position and will work effectively. A successful term paper should be properly researched and the problem under investigation has to be analyzed well. A student will have to read much about the topic, look through various reliable literary sources to improve his knowledge and brainstorm interesting ideas about the problem. A student has to demonstrate his knowledge and professional skills and introduce good methods and ways of training and development which can make the process faster and cheaper.

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