Term Paper on Leadership Pipeline

Pipeline Term Paper:

Leadership Pipeline is the model of the training and development process which is aimed at the proper supply of the organization with the skilful leaders. The success of an organization always depends on the professional skills of its employees and managers in particular. Generally, the staff of every company consists of a great number of employees and managers who control them on all levels. It is fairly difficult to find a good manager who can fulfil his duties well and if one of such managers retires, the company faces a serious problem – where to find a new manager. There are only two ways out. The first one is to find a new manager somewhere outside the company with the help of the recruitment process.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find the very person who can solve all the problems and manage people without possessing the slightest working experience at the company. Moreover, one will need much time to train and develop to become the right manager. So, there is only one reasonable solution to this problem – the boss can find the proper manager among the employees of his company. The model of Leadership Pipeline is very easy and effective.

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Every company consists of the managers of different levels. The manager of the higher level controls the work of the manager of the lower level and shares experience with him. As a result the manager of the lower level becomes trained enough to be promoted to the post of the higher manager if the latter retires or occupies the higher position. So, due to this model all the managers of an organization become connected and develop together gaining knowledge and experience from one another.

The model of Leadership Pipeline not only saves money on the process of training and development but also provides the company with the top-quality professionals. Furthermore, due to socializing and constant communication the managers become bound to the company. A successful Leadership Pipeline term paper is supposed to be informative, interesting and logical. A student should explain the work of the model in detail and dwell on its advantages and disadvantages. One will need to prove that Leadership Pipeline is a reasonable solution for every company and support his idea with the reliable evidence from the real life.

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