Software Project Management Term Paper

Project Management Term Paper:

Software project management is the special type project management, which maintains planning, monitoring and control over the projects on the processing and development of software. The key moment in software project management is the choice of the correct method of operation.

The process of software project management differs from the other types of project management, because the result of the project in software in always non-material. Then, the amount of the accumulated experience in this sphere is not enough and the technologies which are used for the fulfilment of the project change and improve very rapidly. Finally, the experience gained during the software project management can not be applied on the management of other projects in other spheres. There are several factors, which caused the development of software project management and the most logical is the rapid development and improvement of the computer technologies from the 1970-ies.

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Computers became more powerful and could process more information and fulfil more tasks and it provoked numerous projects, the majority of which, unfortunately, failed. The most obvious reasons which caused failure were: obscurity of the aims of the projects; the wrong calculation of the resources required for the project; the wrong calculation of system requirements; uncontrolled risks; weak cooperation between the client, producer and user; the use of extremely brand new and unstable technologies; disability to cope with the complexities of the project; unskilful project management; financial problems. Since that time the process of software project management has improved seriously, because now the experts pay attention to the aim of the project, evaluate, risk, requirements, calculate expenditures and create the appropriate terms for the projects.

Software project management is an important topic, which helps students understand the process of management, get to know about the problems which can occur in the project management and how to solve them. A successful term paper on software project management should present up-to-date trustworthy information about the topic, analyze it from all sides, touch upon the problems of software project management and summarize the paper well. The student is supposed to pay attention to the methods of the research and the literature review of the books and periodicals used for the investigation of the topic, because the quality of the paper is evaluated on these factors.

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