Starting local, but moving global – Term Paper

They say what you are interested in as a child is the biggest indicator for what you should be when you grow up. For me, this proved to be absolutely true. When I was 4-years-old I would grab a stack of printer paper and make notebooks. When I was in elementary school I used those notebooks and started writing restaurant critiques under the alias of Elleon Ridens. I thought spelling my name backwards was clever and mysterious. In highschool I would write monthly articles for a local magazine. I am now a sophomore at Indiana University studying journalism. While life would take different turns and change my ways, writing remained the entire time.

One thing I love about reading and writing is that if the author was passionate you can feel it in yourself. You get transported to another world and feel what they are experiencing. One way I find inspiration for writing is by looking at what I want to change in the world. Pick something that makes you passionate, loving, heated or angry. This produces work that comes from the heart. One topic that I am passionate about is body positivity and health.

I find inspiration to write by going to the gym, reading stories, going to different events and talking with other college student. Getting a diverse atmosphere always helps put things in perspective before you get down to work. It also helps you gain experiences for your future stories. On a campus full of 20-year-olds who relate to body image it was hard to fall short of inspiration to write.

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During Indiana University`s Body Positive week there were posters everywhere, events going on and movie showings to help promote healthy body image. This week aided in my new year`s resolution of loving myself and brought me closer to my goals. I began writing in my health blog every day about what inspired me and the thoughts that swirled in my brain. Going to the gym there would be messages on the mirrors and paper on the bikes that reminded you that no build is perfect and being unique is lovable. I went to a film showing of Embrace that same week and became determined to inspire others to be happy in their own skin. Why should I hold my thoughts to myself when a community makes you stronger. If I could reach out to people who needed help with their body image then maybe we could succeed together. It is challenging when you feel alone and are struggling but it is harder to admit it and ask for a helping hand.

Writing is my connection with people near and far. I found inspiration in my local community and am determined to reach people across the nation. Writing is intimate, it`s a place you can share your thoughts that might be a little too scary to share out loud. Life gives you lots of opportunities to meet all kinds of people. Each day has lessons and stories to live through. It is up to the writer to choose what the world needs to hear. Being a writer gives you a big job of trying to educate people in need.