Strategy Memo Taco Bell Case – Term Paper

Taco Bell Communication Strategies And Other

Date: March 15 2017,

To: Ms. Laurie Gannon, Public Relations Director.


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This memo will offer strategies for proper communications with main stakeholders at a time when a firm’s product has obtained a negative impression. Moreover, it will offer solutions to numerous brand license concerns.


• “Cry9c” protein is created through the technology of Genetically Modified (GM) Foods. It is a pesticide, which is not fit for human use.

• Taco Bell shells have been found to contain “Cry9c” in their products.

• Contaminated Taco shells were created and distributed by Kraft

• Several organizations, NGOs, and governments are pushing for the ban of GM Foods.


Of course, using “Cry9c” goes against the regulation since it is not fit for human consumption. Its use; therefore, poses health dangers to those who consume it. The separation of Restaurants/Franchises made it hard for Taco Bell to have knowledge of the Kraft’ manufacture process leave alone immediate recognition of the problem.


For a better future Taco Bell needs to do the following:

1. It should separate Franchises or restaurants

2. It should establish oversight into future licensing agreements

3. It should offer a distinct list of suppliers

4. It should have a complete food inspection or evaluation conducted by an authorized agency.

5. To avoid a future occurrence, Taco Bell should establish collaborations with external bodies like USDA, EPA, and FDA.

Other Actions

Taco Bell should come up with a crisis communication plan where senior management team calls for a debriefing meeting. The Board of Directors also needs to meet within 24 hours. Further, it needs to call for a press release where it communicates with media, and other external news outlets where it clears the air on the controversy surrounding the firm.