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Technique is a complex of methods or the way to fulfill certain tasks in the appropriate order. Every work is fulfilled with the help of a technique which has been developing for centuries. There are techniques which appeared hundreds of years ago and exist even nowadays. For example, the process of brewing was invented thousands of years ago but the technique remains the same even today. Various techniques are always in the dynamic motion and development. If the technique was successful years ago, it does not mean that it can not be improved now. That is why due to the constant development of the modern technologies the techniques are becoming simpler and more effective. Furthermore, due to the numerous experiments and investigations techniques have been changed or improved in such a way that they have become used in new and new spheres or have become the parts of the certain effective technologies, because a technology is a complex of the great number of various techniques which are fulfilled together for the certain goal.

Techniques are often collected with various appliances and equipment, that is why techniques in sciences, like physics, chemistry, engineering, etc are very expensive and require donation for the ability of further development and improvement. Techniques play a very important role in human life, because they enable us fulfill various task and do the work faster, cheaper and more effectively, that is why the development of techniques and technologies should be the priority of every country which wants to gain success and prosperity.

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Writing a term paper on technique is a complicated job, because the topic is quite wide and one requires much time and efforts to cover the whole problem successfully. The paper is supposed to explain the meaning of techniques, focus on their types, methodology of the problem, advantages and disadvantages, research approach, relevance of techniques, the historical development of techniques, etc. One should be able to analyze the question from all sides and draw the right conclusions evaluating the role of technique in the human civilization.

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